AMRC joins forces with Pagabo as part of a groundbreaking new research agreement


National framework provider Pagabo has joined forces with the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) for a groundbreaking new research agreement that will embrace new ways of working and use learnings from the advanced manufacturing sector to drive transformational advancements within the construction industry.

Together, the two organisations aim to challenge current methods in the construction sector, pioneering fresh ideas and innovations which embrace new technology and advanced manufacturing methods.
Gerard Toplass, executive chairman of Pagabo, said: “Everyone agrees that construction is a sector that has been left behind in terms of new ways of working and innovation. Many methods in construction have been used for decades.

“What we want to do as a group is to totally shake up the construction sector – and create real change to drive economic growth and establish the UK as a global innovator.”

He said that Hull-based Pagabo was so committed to the use of new methods that it had created The Future of Construction (TFOC) initiative to drive industry-wide collaboration to shape the sector’s future.

“It’s vital that we think about the industry as a whole and how we can promote new technologies to improve how we do things,” he explained. “The construction sector needs a revolutionary moment – similar to the aerospace industry when it created the ‘black box’.

“This new collaboration between Pagabo and the AMRC will bring the sector together, unify common objectives and drive forward real change. We will be building an enterprise that seeks to leverage new techniques, innovation and automation.

“We intend to build on the government’s agenda for value, procuring for value and its ‘build, build, build’ initiative. But we also want to foster a new way of doing this that future-proofs the construction sector, secures jobs and builds sustainably – with economic, social and environmental processes in mind.”

More details available here.

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